Debit Card/ Credit Card Travel Tips

If you will be travelling and plan to use your MFCU Visa Debit card or your MFCU credit card, we recommend that you notify us in advance. Changes in your spending pattern, especially transactions made out of state or overseas, often trigger a security alert with our fraud detection system.  Following are five quick and simple steps to follow in regards to travelling with you CU card.

1. Notify the Credit Union – Avoid frustrating debit and credit card declines by notifying us of your travel plans. Due to fraud in different regions of the country and around the world your card may become blocked or denied if you do not notify us before traveling. Give us a quick call or stop by one of our branches before you head out of town so that we can ensure your card will work in those areas.

2. Know your card fees and daily spending limits – When traveling abroad your debit and credit card are subject to foreign transaction fees, up to 1%. Your debit card may also be subject to an ATM withdrawal fee when using another financial institutions ATM. Your debit card does have daily cash out and spending limits. Give the credit union a call before you leave to check your card’s limits. It is also a good idea to verify your credit card’s credit limit and the amount you have available to avoid in unexpected surprises.

3. Pack multiple cards – Even though we would love for you to only have cards with Members First Credit Union of FL, it is always a wise idea to have more than one card option in your wallet in case of an emergency. You never know when you could have a card damaged, lost or stolen while you are traveling. If you don’t have a credit card with the credit union consider applying for one as a back up to your credit union debit card. You may also want to carry a little extra cash on you just in case you find yourself somewhere cards are not accepted or card terminals are down.

4. Get your cards “travel-ready”  – Ensure all your accounts are set up for online access. Having account access at your fingertips allows you to monitor your spending while you travel. It is also a good idea to save your card’s toll free number to your phone or in another secure location for easy access in case of an emergency.

5. Watch for duplicate charges during your trip – Hotels and car rental companies typically place holds on your debit or credit card when making the reservation, if you decide to use another form of payment, there is a chance you could be charged twice. Always keep copies of your receipts so that you have proof if you need to settle any disputes during your trip. To avoid having the funds in your checking account tied up consider using a credit card rather than your debit when making hotel or car rental reservations.

If there appears to be fraudulent activity on your card, it will be temporarily until we verify the expenses with you. Contacting us in advance may help to avoid any inconvenience of not having your card available to you while away from home.

Members First Supports Local Future Farmers of America Programs

Members first has partnered with the Pensacola Interstate Fair Livestock program that helps local future farmers raise livestock, steers that are shown at the Livestock Youth Steer Show and auctioned off at the fair. Members First takes pride in helping the community, especially the youth. We have been lending a supporting hand in our local community for over 60 years. It was an honor and privilege to be able to help local future farmers in this capacity. We look forward to many more opportunities to add value to the community that we live in and serve.


Photo taken at the Pensacola Interstate Fair.


Photo of steers taken at the Pensacola Interstate Fair

Photo of steers taken at the Pensacola Interstate Fair


Made possible by Members First Credit Union.

Caryl A. Greene, President/CEO of Members First Credit Union with Youth Steer Show Competitor’s parent – Made possible by Members First Credit Union.


His entry was made possible by Members First Credit Union.

Caryl A. Greene, President/CEO of Members First Credit Union with Youth Steer Show Competitor.

For more information about the Pensacola Interstate Fair Livestock Exhibit, visit



Don’t Tax My Credit Union

Politicians in Washington are considering an overhaul of the federal tax code. As Congress considers this comprehensive tax reform, some banks and people in Congress think it’s a good idea to start taxing credit unions. Their big idea is to raise taxes and impose new fees on 96 million credit union members who represent 40% of all Americans, yet represent only 6% of the assets in financial institutions. And, they want to do this despite the fact that credit unions are not-for-profit and meet their core mission every day.

What Congress and these banks don’t want the public to know is that credit unions are member owned and exist to serve. As not-for-profit cooperatives, credit unions return benefits to their members and are able to offer higher returns on savings, lower fees, lower interest rates, and other services. With this proposed reform, for every $1 in new taxes on credit unions, the government would wipe out $10 in benefits to credit union member-owners and consumers. Also, while credit unions hold 6% of all financial assets nationwide, taxing credit unions will not help the budget deficit.

These banks are partly pushing this reform because there has been a recent dissatisfaction with their business practices, and consumers are looking for other banking alternatives. Since credit unions exist to serve their members and banks maximize their profits for a small group of investors, many consumers are joining credit unions and leaving the banks behind. Last year alone, credit union membership grew by 2 million people, and credit union deposits topped $1 trillion for the first time ever.

“Don’t Tax My Credit Union” is a national campaign dedicated to ensuring Congress doesn’t raise taxes on 96 million credit union members nationwide and preserves financial choice for American consumers. To learn more about how to preserve credit unions so that they may continue to serve you, visit There, you will find recent news and information on how to take action and get involved.

2012 Members First Annual Report

Caryl Greene, President/CEO

On February 28, 2013, Members First Credit Union members attended the MFCU 2013 Annual Meeting.  Throughout the meeting, CU members, the Board of Directors, Management and Staff reflected on the progress of 2012 and the continued dedication of Members First to provide the best experience for each and every person who walks through its doors, as well as help them realize their financial dreams.

Despite ongoing financial turmoil and ever-increasing regulatory burdens in 2012, Members First was able to maintain a competitive rate strategy and help put money into the pockets of member-owners.  Members First focused on providing products and services that members need and deserve, while maintaining a financially sound balance sheet. 

Below are some highlights from the meeting.  Click here to view the full 2012 MFCU Annual Report.

2012 Key Highlights

  • Assets grew by  6.07%
  • Membership increased 2.16%
  • Net Capital Ratio 15.28% (7% NCU minimum allowable level for “well-capitalized credit unions”)
  • Maintained 5-Star Superior rating by BauerFinancial, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida, the nation’s leading bank rating and research firm
  • Continued to offer “Still Free Checking and Fee Free Debit Cards”
  • Increased Internet Banking users with the introduction of Mobile Apps, Financial Calculators, and improved Internet Banking Security
  • Introduced additional Youth Programs and resources for members ages 18 and under
  • Offered Financial Literacy Programs to the community and sponsored community organizations and events

Bank Transfer Day- November 5th

November 5th is Bank Transfer Day. It is the latest viral social media movement with more than 57,000 people already committed to making the switch, and that number is growing. Its focus is urging people to take their money out of the Big Banks and put it into credit unions as a way to protest rising fees and what some call “unethical business practices”.

In its’ Facebook page it gives attendees tips on how to leave the banks and resources to help them find a credit union in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Also in its Facebook note “Why Credit Unions,” it explains that “credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives owned by their members and governed by a board of directors elected by, and from among, those members. All members (anyone with money in an account) is entitled to vote on major decisions affecting the credit union.”

The group’s attendees are vocal, sharing their stories and enthusiasm in a movement that they hope will “send a clear message to the 1%.”

Anyone can participate by moving their accounts from banks to a credit union on or before November 5th.

Join the movement and open your account with Members First today!

To learn more about how to switch your account visit 


Download your Switch Kit

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